God has a special purpose for your life.

And He doesn’t want anything to prevent you from fulfilling the purposes for which you were created. True Financial Freedom is knowing that God owns it all, finding contentment with what He provides, and being free to be all He made you to be.

Our courses will teach you how to reduce debt, increase your savings, and enable you to give more with a generous heart

Within 3 years of completing our most effective course you will experience a reduction in debt, increase in savings, and an increase in generosity.

These are proven results, tried and tested around the world.
What makes you so different? Nothing, you too are one of God’s children and you too can enjoy the same financial freedoms as His other children who follow His teachings about finances and possessions.

Moving backward financially?

You have been working hard but debt just keeps following you around. You want to be debt free but can’t see the way to become debt free with all your commitments.

Working hard for no gain?

The fact is that the answers are waiting for you inside the pages of the scriptures.  God has given us direction to deal with money and when we follow his teachings we will experience true financial freedom.

Finances straining your relationship?

You have a family to support and you feel like your not succeeding to the point you would like to.  You feel like your relationships would be better if only you didn’t have so much financial pressure on you.

Loosing your spiritual vitality?

The financial principles from God will help you achieve true financial freedom and happiness. We have the tools to guide you along the pathway.