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Budgeting on a fluctuating income

One of the most difficult budgeting problems for families with fluctuating incomes, such as those whose salary is based on commission sales, is knowing how to allocate monthly spending …


Is Poverty Spiritual?

This month‟s Money Matters begins a two-part series on extreme views about finances. This month we will focus on the view that Christians must be poor to be holy …


``Just a little bit more‟

In the 1920‟s, a reporter asked John D. Rockefeller, a wealthy businessman in America: “How much is enough?” His answer was fascinating: “Just a little bit more.” …


Christmas - Celebrate Jesus

Worried about the influence of commercialism on your observance of Christmas? Here are some ideas for spending less and focusing on Christ …


New Year Resolutions

Does money burn a hole in your pocket? Does buyer’s remorse set in after you have spent your money? If this sounds familiar, how can you manage your spending …



A recent Commission for Financial Capability 2018-19 survey of New Zealanders identified wide variation in how they felt about their financial well-being. The report published on the survey in 2020…


Principles for seeking and selecting good financial advice

Listed below are four basic principles that Christians need to consider in seeking and selecting good, godly financial advisors…


Creating Your Will

A Will is one of the most important components of estate planning. It is a legally binding document that records your final wishes and instructions …


Retirement Is It Mandatory

To most people in our society, retirement is a time when they can stop work completely and start enjoying life. This idea is very appealing. However …


Do I Need Life Insurance?

Two questions often asked by Christians with regard to life insurance are: “Is insurance scriptural?” and “Does owning insurance reflect a lack of faith?” …


Saving For Your Child's Education

There is no single best option for saving for our children’s education and each family needs to weigh up the different options available, depending on their own financial circumstances …


Using credit cards wisely

Spending on New Zealand issued credit cards was $42.7 billion in the year to June 2021…


Should all of us be rich?

Our society has been dominated by a philosophy that says, “Seek worldly pleasures, spend with reckless abandon, and borrow to get what you can’t afford.”


Five mistakes couples make with money

Money is a common source of friction for couples due to differences in the way they were brought up to think about money and different money personalities …



Many people who are unhappy in their jobs, or who are without a job, consider going into business for themselves. Sometimes this is a good option and sometimes it’s not …



This Sample Business Plan covers some of the key issues you need to consider when establishing a business


Guide to Family Budgeting

A budget is a useful tool if you want to achieve financial freedom.  This document offers sets to financial freedom and ideas for establishing a budget


Pledge or faith promise?

Part of being a good steward of God’s possessions is giving back to God a portion of what He’s entrusted to us …

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