Financial Provision

Should we borrow for our daughter’s wedding?

Should we borrow for our daughter's wedding? Weddings can be very expensive, with costs amounting to more than $30,000 common in New Zealand.  That can be a significant financial burden for parents and some are tempted to borrow against their house to pay for the big day.  If that is what you are considering, there

Considering a reverse mortgage?

Considering a Reverse Mortgage? What is a Reverse Mortgage? A reverse mortgage allows people aged 60 years and over to borrow against the value of their home. The amount of money you can borrow depends how old you are and whether you still have a mortgage on your house. The two providers of reverse mortgages

Should I invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

Should I invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? What are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency is a type of money that's digital and can be used to buy and sell things, usually online.  However, its potential to store and grow value in has resulted in interest from investors looking for other ways of earning income faster. The New

Does God require fathers to be the breadwinner?

Does God require fathers to be the breadwinners? This question raises a common confusion: the distinction between leader and provider, and how God instructs men on both. The image that we are given in scripture for God the Father is of the highest and best leader of all.  That provides us with a template for